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Opulent Primrose Diffuser

Opulent Primrose Diffuser

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Opulent Primrose Reed Diffuser

Bask in the beautiful fragrance of this super luxurious scent combines opulent greenery, fresh berry and powdery florals to produce a rich aroma—the perfect combination of femininity and elegance.


Amber, Mint & Grapefruit ultimately blended


Charcoal & Brown Ombre Bottle


140ml (This diffuser last up to 12 weeks)

50ml (This diffuser last up to 4 weeks)

Remember to rotate your reed sticks weekly

2 x 50ml Refill

You can now purchase refills in 50ml increments, so you can keep the bottom but never run low.

Choose the subscription option to receive 2 x 50ml refills every 12 weeks for lower price.

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Head over to FAQs to find out more

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