Our Story

 Our Story

We are a mother daughter, luxury scented Candle Company from our love of beautiful fragrances , candles and the great outdoors. For as long as my daughter and I could remember we’ve always had an affinity for nice smells. It evoked happiness and joy from us, we wanted to recreate that in our home. We noticed that the friendlier the aroma in our homes the longer our guests and friends would stay. Beautiful scents had a way of lifting up the room in no time at all. It was also a very simple and effective way to do it, as a family we moved around a lot, which meant we were renting and there were a lot of limitations as to what could be done and changed in that rented house. Candles made those spaces feel like home - Dorothy

Starting a family business has always been a desire of ours, my mum and I are very business inclined and had speak years saying we should do something together. But as life has it some times, things and schedules get in the way. I moved out and went into the workforce and it seemed like it was never the right time. Then when the UK went into lock down in April 2020 I moved back home and it was as if the right time had fallen into our laps. We could finally make this desire of ours a reality - Valerie

We knew it had to be candles, our love for them was undeniable and so we created House of Mahogany and we are so happy to share it with the world. Thank you for visiting our page - Dorothy & Valerie

Why we need your support?

Investing in a small business like ours, allows us to survive among the big sharks and provide high quality, ethically sourced materials to create the products you love. It's important that we do not compromise the quality of our materials. Your support will go towards the following 

1. Improved branding - We want our products to reflect the amount spent on them. As a luxury brand we want that to be reflected in every aspect of our products from packaging to marketing content. We want to also be able to provide the same product you love time and time again 

2. An improved online presence and interface - We want to make it easy for you to navigate our website and select products you love, be able to track your order and write good reviews. We also want you to be in the know of future products, giveaways and competitions 

3. A Candle Making Workshop - Our dream is to have a physical space dedicated to making our products where we can maintain the atmosphere to ensure product quality over our entire range. It allows us also to experiment and test out new scents and products with ease 

4. Extend our range- We have so many more ideas on how to #TransformYourSpace more product ideas to compliment our candles and wax melts and we'd love to make it easy for you to get all you need to makeover your home, office or space. 

5. Administrative Support- Boring but so very important and much needed. It cost not only time but money to keep on top of accounting, GDPR, Newsletters and Retaining customers. You would be supporting us increase our admin team

Become A Founding Supporter

 We are creating a legacy wall, where those who donated to support us via Crowdfunder are forever credited on our website and throughout our brand forever. That's right you'll be making history when you support us. Just like a seed planted decades prior it's fruit lives on today.

How to donate?

Follow the link here