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About Us

Did you know purchasing from us means you're on the front line combatting deforestation?

£1 from every purchase you make at House of Mahogany goes towards planting trees globally.

Eco Conscious - We have endeavoured to use as much natural and biodegradable products in our candles, wax melts and packaging. Therefore our range is made of natural soy wax.

Inspired By Nature - All our candles are inspired by elements of Mother Nature, from the richness of trees to the fragrance of flowers. Our scents are fashioned from our personal experience with Earth. Especially our signture scents which come with their very own origin story.

Uniquely Krafted - Our main range is adorned in transparent glass containers making the frosting of the different wax layers visable. The frosting of the wax does not in any way affect the performance of our candles but instead emphasise the beauty in naturalism. We then package our products in kraft paper, why? Because kraft paper requires no dye or additives to produce it. It recycles a lot better than other paper and is more durable.

Our Eco Policy

Did you know that when we founded House of Mahogany we were thinking about how to create packaging that was sustainable and recyclable? Our love for the great outdoors was the inspiration for our brand and we wanted to ensure we were preserving our much-loved environment.Our packaging peanuts are 100% biodegradable made from plant extract and cornstarch.

We use Kraft Paper in 80% of our packaging, why because it's more gentle on the Earth. It decomposes quicker and easier, it doesn't go through the dying process and its sturdier so less is required

All our wax used in both candles and wax melts are planted based.

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Our Signature Scents

Morning Dew


Hurst Forest


Beyond The Hills