Collection: The Signature Scent Collection

It's all in the look!

Two toned soy wax candles, it's important that our candles are plant based, an ode to our greatest inspiration, Mother Nature.

Combining our love for the great outdoors and beautiful fragrances

Here at House of Mahogany, we source our inspiration from Mother Nature, the many characteristics embedded in the outside world, pastures of greenery and with every budding seed births a new perspective for us. We thought of ways to capture the moments of escapism, euphoria and essence of hope into our signature scents. Which is why each signature scent comes with it's own origin story when you purchase.

Morning Dew "We've got to make room and with every inhale and exhale I remember that making room can be exposing but without exposure to what life throws, there would be no morning dew freshness. Strength to begin again"

Hurst Forest "And when I ran out of words to say I could listen to the leaves and dirt beneath my feet. The whistle of the wind accompanied me on most walks, like a gentle hand on the back to keep the faith."

Beyond The Hills "I spent most of my childhood racing to the swings and climbing frames, figuring out how a seesaw worked. As I grew older my curiosity peaked. What's behind the designated play area? What's behind the decorative shrubbery?"

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