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Luxury Sets

House of Mahogany is the perfect place to get your friends, family and loved ones presents. Hand made, hand poured and crafted assortments of candles and accessories. We also provide gift wrapping so it's perfect to present to your friends and its part of the experience. 

Trio Gift Set 

3 x 9cl candles in all three signature scents

Morning Dew -A fresh, light, earthy fragrance with notes of pine and mint, accompanied by warm undertones that emulate the awakening flavour of a crisp early morning

Hurst Forest- The deep, dark warm touch of bark paired with the aromatic features of the heavily wooded timberland, laced gently with a splash of vanilla

Beyond The Hills- The Great British Springtime perfumed lightly with the sweet succulent tang of ripe lime. Encapsulating the birth of freshly blossomed flowers. The scent of nature awakening.

The Coffee Lovers Home Set

This candle perfect for coffee lovers and Cafe hoppers. If you're anything like us you love a coffee to start off the day but you dread when the caffeine wares off and you can't drink anymore cups of coffee. Fear not Earth Latte is here to save the day, giving the full effects of a cup of coffee without the caffeine. Burn it for that extra boost and cosy aroma.

Earth Latte candles are hand poured barista style which means each candle varies

For the coffee lovers out there; we made this for you!

The Coffee Lovers Set - Exclusive to House of Mahogany

1 x 20cl Earth Latte Candle
1 x 100ml Earth Latte Diffuser + Reed Sticks
1 x Wax Melter
Cappuccino Wax Melts
2 x Espresso Cups
Earth Latte Wax Melts



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